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Hunting For Men's Health For The Holidays?

Before you end up on the naughty list during the Holidays, read this article for men’s health safety tips and performance tricks you can use to have a holly-jolly Christmas this year.

Investigating the market for erectile dysfunction products reveals that Christmas is amongst the most amorous holidays. In America, the demand for treatments to give men the extra edge has gone up noticeably. Data from GoodRx shows that the prescription-only PDE5 inhibitors, such as the ‘little blue pill’, have seen a surge of up to sixty percent in orders as guys get ready for a great evening. However, men often don’t consider (or simply overlook) the fact that every ED medication has potential side effects that could put a damper on their holidays.


Common Side Effects Include:


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During the winter season, sales of ED products are usually the lowest, until after New Year’s Eve, which is often a lively time of year. Regardless of age, it is essential that those who are facing difficulties in the bedroom consult with a specialist in Men’s Health, more specifically, a Sexual Medicine doctor. People going through ED can become trapped in a cycle of anxiety of not being able to perform, so it is imperative to get an accurate diagnosis and the necessary treatment. Fortunately, there are now treatments such as low-intensity shockwave therapy, which helps dissolve blockages and encourages the creation of new blood vessels in the penis to enhance sexual performance.

How You Can Help Yourself Fix Or Improve Performance

Undeniably, the Winter Holiday Season is a period of both child-like anticipation and adult-like excesses. It is a period of the year where there is a noticeable lack of time and where men will often find themselves overworking. In spite of the fact that ingesting a large quantity of supplements is not advisable, there are natural remedies that can enhance male fertility, sperm function and arousal through the foods they eat and the activities they do to sustain balance in their daily life.


morning wood old man dragging pine tree on ground

Get Checked for Low-T 

Although testosterone deficiency is a contributing factor for a small number of cases of erectile dysfunction, it can occur even if testosterone levels are healthy. Testosterone is a key element when it comes to the male sexual response, including libido and the ability to achieve an erection. Many healthcare professionals suggest that testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) should be the first course of action prior to prescribing medications for ED.

Remember Morning Wood? 

The daily rise in your testosterone may be sufficient to induce an erection – normally.  Can you recall the last time you had morning wood? If not, it may be time for a men’s health checkup.

Plan to Drink More Water 

Drinking plenty of water is a great way to eliminate dietary and environmental toxins from the body. Alcohol may reduce inhibitions, but it won’t improve sexual performance. Limiting alcohol intake during the winter season is recommended, and opting for seltzer with a slice of lime is a better choice for those seeking peak sexual performance.

Remember to Act Your Age 

Though the natural process of aging can play a role in one’s sexual performance, alone it does not cause erectile dysfunction. To keep the spark alive, senior men may need to plan for romantic encounters in advance to allow for more time to engage in touching, foreplay, and other forms of intimacy. Be spontaneous with style.

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Above: Santa's Cookies and Milk caloric and fat infographic.

Live A Balanced Lifestyle

Studies have demonstrated that lifestyle choices could be more responsible for a decrease in overall health than the regular aging process. Quitting smoking, maintaining your weight or fat loss, managing stress, getting enough restful sleep, and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle can increase one’s wellbeing and libido.

Chat with a Men’s Health Provider in The Villages, Florida

A sudden loss of sexual desire or erectile dysfunction may point to an underlying medical or psychological issue, such as a medication or depression. Poor blood circulation can be a sign of narrowed arteries, diabetes, or even heart disease.  When in doubt, ask for help. Request your men’s health evaluation online – Contact Us.

How To Ensure A Healthier And Happier Sex Life This Holiday Season?

The first step is consulting with a men’s health expert.

At Diamond Medical Clinic, we provide a non-surgical, drug-free ED Wave therapy that has been proven to increase the strength, endurance and resilience of erections. Whether you are experiencing erectile dysfunction or looking to enhance your sexual performance, this therapy can help you have better and longer-lasting sex. Give us a call today and get ready to make this upcoming holiday season extra special for you and your partner. The expert men’s health providers at Diamond Medical Clinic can help evaluate your blood flow and hormones for any issues during a complimentary consultation.


Men with or without problems of erectile dysfunction can experience significant advantages by visiting Diamond Medical Clinic. For many years, ED sufferers have consumed oral medications like the little blue pill to relieve their symptoms. These drugs can bring temporary relief, but they usually do not tackle the real cause of ED and can come with undesirable side effects. 

Studies have indicated that shockwave therapy is effective in enhancing blood circulation to generate firmer, longer-lasting erections. In addition, Peyronie’s Disease (scar tissue that builds up beneath the skin of the penis) can reduce sensations and make sexual intercourse painful. Our state-of-the-art Swiss ED wave technology provides a groundbreaking solution to eradicate painful intercourse and maximize sexual performance.

If you’re dealing with erectile dysfunction or are desiring to heighten your sexual experiences, Diamond Medical Clinic offers a non-invasive, medication-free and surgery-free ED Wave therapy that can help you attain stronger, more enduring erections for a more satisfying sexual experience. Contact Us today and make this festive season special for yourself and your partner.

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